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Marjorie Cranston, Pastelist

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Tranquility of a Mountain Day, original acrylic painting, no Giclee, 60" X 48" on stretched canvas.  Ready to hang. Shipping costs determined by final destination.  Contact artist for more information.  $4000.

Byers peak, original pastel.  Available in giclee.  41" X 30".  $1800. 

Golden Trail, original pastel. Giclee available soon. Not yet framed.
23" X 31".  $2000.

Reflection, original pastel. Will be available in giclee. 23 x 32". Not yet framed.  $2000.

North Inlet Trail, original pastel. No giclee, 34" X 38".  $2000.

After the Storm, original pastel. Giclee available soon. 19.5 x 25.5".   $1600 framed.

​Spring Morning Hike, Original only, no Giclee.  Measures 23.5" x 30", $1900.

Hike Around Monarch, Framed Original available, 23" x 31", $2,000.

Inspiration.  Original Pastel sold.  Available in Giclee.

#V117 - Coming Home.  New original pastel, 23 x 31, framed original available.  $1800.

New original pastel, framed.  23 x 31 size.  $2100.

​SOLD   #V116​ - His Glorious  View,  New Original Pastel, $2,500.  23.5” x 32.5”.  Giclee available soon!

#V115​ - Moody Morning.  23.5 " x  31.5".  New original pastel.  $2500.

​#V118​ - AA Barn, 24.5” x 31.5”.  New pastel original.   $2,500.  Giclee available soon!

Going To The River To Pray, ​new pastel original, Dimensions: 23.5" x 32.5", no Giclee, framed, $2000.

Walk in the Fresh Snow, 23" x 31", Framed Original available, $2,000.

#V114 - Driving Through a Bit of Heaven, 23" x 31", Framed Original available, $2,000.

#V96 - Yellow Sky.  Framed original available.    $2,200.   
Dimensions TBD.  Giclee available.    

​SOLD    #V99 -  Grand Entrance.  Framed original available.  Dimensions:  34" x 42.5".  $2,500.  Giclee available.   Shipping extra by quote.

#V105 - The Road Home.  Unframed original available.  Dimensions:  23.5" x 31.5".   $2,000.

#V110 - Cloud Reflection.  One framed original only.  No Giclee available.  Dimensions 32" x 39.5".  $2,200.

#V104 - North Inlet Fall.  One unframed original available.  Dimensions:  23.5" x 31.5".  $1,400.  Framing available.  Museum framing add $750.

#V108 - Clouds in Motion.  One framed original only.   $2,200. 
Dimensions 33" x 41".  No  Giclee available.

#V106 - Winding River.  One framed original available only.  $2,100.  Dimensions 35" x 43".  No Giclee available.

Over the Valley.  One framed original only.  $2,000.  Dimensions 31" x 37".  Giclee not available.

Red Willows, New Snow.  One framed original available.  $2,000.  Dimensions 31" x 38".  Giclee available.

#V100 - Evening Drama.  Original sold. Framed Giclee available. Dimensions: 43" x 53".

SOLD    #V109 - Blessings of Light.  Framed original.  Dimensions:  28" x 31".  $2,100.

#V111 - First Snow.  Framed original only.  Dimensions:  30" x 39".    $2,000.  Giclee available.

#V103 - Michigan Barn.  Original sold, but Giclee available. 

Spring Stream.  Framed original only.  Dimensions:  33" x 31".  $2,000.

​​The Colorado River.  Framed original only.  Dimensions:   35" x 41".  $2,100.

#V107 - God Speaks Softly.  Framed original only.  Dimensions:  35" x 43".   $2,000.

SOLD    #V101 - Golden Fall.  Original sold.  Giclee available.​​

​​​#V24 -  Monarch Trail.  Original available.  20" x 36" framed.  $2,000.  Shipping extra by quote.  Giclee available.

For all framed artworks, please call Marjorie directly for information on dimensions, matting, and framing.  She will be happy to provide you with a complete quote for the artwork you may like.

​About Marjorie Cranston

I was born and raised in Lansing Michigan.  At the age of four, I began drawing from my story books copying the images on paper.  My siblings and parents believed I had traced the images, so it was apparent there might be a gift that had been bestowed upon me to do art.  That gift became more evident through the years.  I won the art award in high school, and then went on to study art at Michigan State University.  My area of emphasis was life drawing.  During my studies at MSU, I was introduced to Interior Design which later became my passion and profession.  I completed my degree in Colorado at Colorado Christian University, but then majored in business thinking it would later help me in both my art and design careers.  I also attended the Art Students League of Denver and studied with Tony Ortega who has inspired my pastel work since.​​​

I have been doing design for the past 35 years and built my career on the Denver Parade of Homes.  I won many awards and was featured in many publications.  I specialized in construction planning, when homeowners are seeking assistance in building their homes.  On the side, always as a desire, I was moving toward art on a full-time basis.
Moving to Grand Lake 17 years ago allowed both careers to grow simultaneously, with the gallery offering me studio time for both art and design.   The winters can get long, but that also affords one the breather for creativity; and so, during those months I was also inspired to create clothing  from art, which I sell in the gallery. 

 My pastel work is in soft pastel on sanded paper. Typically, the work has been of local scenes from my hikes in the mountains.  I try to hike daily with  my dogs at my side and take photos along the way, which serves as my inspiration for the studio art.  Because the pastel paintings are larger, I refrain from plein air work.  I also have produced many pieces available in giclee.