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Marjorie Cranston, Pastelist

#V64 Trail Bathed in Light..  Giclee only.  Original sold.

Giclee Prints Available!
What is a Giclee (pronounced "zhee-KLAY")?  Simply, it is a beautiful rendering on canvas or paper.  Usually done on an Epson press, a Giclee represents the art in such detail that it is hard to tell the difference between the original and the fine, museum-grade print. All of the art represented in the gallery is available in any size up to 8 feet long, as the image is then proportionate. Order with an image wrap, requiring no frame (canvas), or order on paper for a mat and frame.  Our Giclee prints are all done on museum-grade canvas or paper.


​​#V82 Red Rocks.  Giclee only.  Original sold.

#V80 North Inlet Trail.  Giclee only, Original sold.

#V73 Walk Toward The Light.  Giclee only.  Original sold.

#V69 Inlet Sunset.  Giclee only.  Original sold.

Marjorie  Cranston

#V70 First Snow in Fall.  Giclee only.  Original sold.

#V63 Aspen Summer.  Giclee only.  Original sold.

#V61 Spring Awakening.  Giclee only.  Original sold.

#V60 Rocky Mountain on a Slant.  Original available. 
$2,100.    37" x 45".  Giclee available.

​Ouray Barn.  Original sold.  Giclee only.